Rainy day in New Orleans… Canon 5D back from Service

It doesn’t get much better than a rainy day. Most people consider a day like this drab at best. I can’t get enough of the rain. Rain is one of my favorite times to shoot. Some people wait for a sunny day, F that, the only thing better for photos than rain is SNOW…

In other news, I got my Canon 5D back from the Canon Authorized Service Center in New Jersey today. I had sent it in because the mirror fell off last week (not a great experience during a Mardi Gras shoot). All I can say is WOW! They replaced the mirror and added mirror reinforcements. But wait, thats not all. Canon also relaced the focus screen, mode dial, CF door, and cleaned the sensor and viewfinder. My camera is at least a year and a half out of warranty but it was all FREE… My 5D got a serious makeover, which might calm the 5D Mark II twitch I have had recently.

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