Jazz Fest 2010

Another year of Jazz Fest is upon us. As usual, ticket prices have risen to $60 per day (thanks Quint Davis) and beers are now $5 a pop. Expensive as Jazz Fest is, it’s still worth every penny to see Simon & Garfunkle, My Morning Jacket, and eat Crawfish Monica with a side of Crawfish Bread. 2010 Jazz fest began with rain, but by Saturday the clouds parted and the sun finally poked through during Better Than Ezra.

As happens so often at Jazz Fest many were faced with an awful decision, “Do we see the aging Simon & Garfunkle reunited after so many years, or do we catch My Morning Jacket, a band in their prime?” I opted for the latter and was not disappointed. MMJ played a flawless set complete with popular classics and obscure favorites.

Next week I will be missing my favorite Jazz Fest act of all time, Van Morrison, who will be playing directly before the Neville Brothers close out the fest (expect a quest appearance from Van the Man). Instead I will be in Colorado catching NOFX @ The Aggie in Fort Collins.

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