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Now that summer is finally upon us it’s time to get outside. There are two major parks in New Orleans: Audubon and City Park. For comparison’s sake, City Park is much better. Audubon is a beautiful park in uptown New Orleans with many attractions including a golf course, zoo, track, and riverfront chill spot but offers no way to “get away form it all”.  Since Katrina, City Park has lost its golf course, which is now an excellent off-road bike heaven. But without a zoo, golf course, or Mississippi River view City Park offers enough space (second only to Central Park, NY) to lose yourself for hours. And for all you dog lovers, City Park has a brand new dog park!

Somewhere inside of me there is a little country kid from the coast of Maine. Only in City Park can I feel like I’m not in the city for a while. Amidst its many bike/walking trails, winding bayous, and lush gardens are a million spots where you can hang without running into anyone. For those looking for “things” to do, City Park offers Storyland for the kids, Botanical Gardens, and the New Orleans Museum of Art as well as Pan American Stadium, Tad Gormley Stadium, and a running track. If there is one spot that makes City Park special it’s the Peristyle. Like something out of ancient Greece, this temple-like building is a great place to take a few photographs, feed the ducks, or just watch the clouds go by.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. City Park you can completely escape from people, i have been going there my whole life and i still haven’t searched every nook and cranny. some of my fondest memories are climbing the oak trees in city park. the fact that there are no golf courses is a huge plus, i don’t agree with the ‘membership’ charge for the dog park but that is a moot point. what other park hosts a music festival?!? great park, great blog. not enough people appreciate city park

  2. I think I like Audubon park for all the reasons you list that you don’t.

    I love Manhattan, and it’s probably for the same reasons. I like the people, the bikes, the street cars, etc.

    Maybe if I lived in a bustling metropolis, I would appreciate the quiet, but since I don’t, I don’t really have much stress to escape from.

  3. Dont get me wrong, Audubon is great… City has just got something more “real” New Orleans going on

  4. another good entry. i get a kick out of anyone willing to choose the better of two parks! well justified, even got a solid bite on the line!

    city park has wilds, that’s the clincher.

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