NOFX @ The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO

We should have known what we were in for. Choosing to play the Aggie instead of Denver was warning enough that this show would be special (rowdy). After milling outside through two opening acts (sorry, Tony Sly, go get the rest of NUFAN and we might watch your set), we smashed through the pack to the front. No barricades at this show, and plenty a kids took advantage. Shows like this are not sentimental, but it’s damn cool when Fat Mike tells you, “we haven’t played a show like this since the 90’s”. I mean it, this crowd was pumped up. So much so that at one point the entire band was in the crowd fighting over being spit on. C’mon Mike, you gotta expect that by now… This was an old school show for the ages. They didn’t play a single song from a remotely new album which couldn’t have been more appropriate. It isn’t like these guys could possibly play much longer, so it seems they are making an attempt to get back to basics… I wouldn’t be surprised to see an East Coast tour in the summer. Oi oi oi…

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