A Quick and Dirty Fuji X-Pro2 Review

With M-moun adapater and Leica 21mm Super-Elmar f3.4
Wearing the Leica 21mm Super-Elmar f3.4 via Fuji M-Mount Adapter and Hard Graft strap

Just in case anyone at Fuji is listening, here goes. After a month of shooting with it, I absolutely love this camera. Enough that I’m seriously thinking about selling my Canon 5D3 AND all the L-glass I have (seriously, I really can’t see myself ever using that huge brick again).. So everything being great, let me list my complaints…. so you fix them!

First the issues I have that cannot be addressed via firmware:

AF-L Button Placement
This just sucks. NO WHERE NEAR correct placement. It should be somewhere your thumb naturally lands. I can’t even use back-button focus without practically dropping the camera. Swapping it with AE-L button is hardly any better..
Flimsy Memory Card Door
Build quality on this cam is top notch, but this door is not up to par with the rest. It is creaky under pressure from the shooting hand. Probably only a matter of time before this needs a replacement.

Now the issues that [I hope] can be addressed via firmware:

Battery Life
Come on guys, this is terrible battery life. Do some magic and re-write the code. There has to be some way to make this thing run more efficiently.
Low-Light AF
While the auto-focus is blazing fast in bright situations, it leaves a little to be desired in dimmer environments. I don’t mean dark, just dim and it takes a while to grab and hunts a bit. I’ve seen what Fuji can do via firmware to increase AF performance, so I’m waiting!
Alternative ISO Method
Please allow us to set the ISO without turning the stupid dial!! Any customizable button is fine. Let us just leave the dial on A, and set the ISO via menu.
View Mode Button Customization
I never use either of the Eye Sensor view modes. And I am sick of toggling through them just to switch from LCD to VF.. This is super easy, so please let me select which view modes to cycle through so I can toggle quickly between LCD/VF!
Auto Bright Frame with M-Mount Adapter
Using adapted lenses on this camera is fantastic, but I don’t see why the OVF Bright Frame doesn’t maintain the auto brightness. It takes up a custom button because you have to manually adjust the brightness everytime you go inside/outside..

And now, if you’d like to see some of the stuff I’ve been shooting please check out my Flickr:


hail storm
cross walk
xoloitzcuintli - hairless dog
tomate y tomatillo


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