Zander White as a young boy in Maine.

Zander is a freelance photographer based out of New Orleans, LA. A steady hand and photo-journalistic eye give his work a cinematic quality of a past era. His photographs ignore the sharpness and perfection of pixels leaving a honest, definitive view of his subject.

Armed with Canon and Fuji cams, Zee is available for hire. But you can’t trust the web, so use the Woody Allen principle, “If you can’t get’em when you knock on the door, they’ll answer the phone.”


Clients: Simply Interactive, Irie Ride, NOLA City Bark, Louisiana Business Websites, Skip ‘n Whistle, Simple Play Productions, Po-Boy Festival, Oak Street Main Street, Amelie G, SaintsforSinners.com, Boston University School of Management




<—- Kid can dress, too…