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Monkey’s Fist Keychains

Started tying a new batch of monkey’s fists. These are great for your car keys, boat key, or just as a gift. They are made out of high quality nylon line and lightweight. It’ll last forever, trust me. I sell ‘em for $10. Contact me if you’re interested, I accept PayPal and ship immediately.

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Welcome back to NOLA!

So, Ciera and I have moved back to NOLA… Here is a 10 minute video we made on our way down. Hope yall enjoy it, tell me what you think. Hub to NOLA Shot on Canon 5DMK3 and GoPro Hero HD

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Shooting Machine: Behind the Scenes

A while back I got a chance to stop by the shop at Shooting Machine. I was able get an up close and personal look at the new “Knuckle Bunny Cine Grip” camera handle before they flew it out to NAB in Vegas (where it debuted at the Sony booth on the new FS700). The Knuckle […]

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Red Beans & Rice

Been workin on my red beans recipe for a while. Can’t get pickled pork outside New Orleans, so I substitue boiled ham which I fry up with the trinity. This time also couldn’t get a ham hock, but ham shank seemed to work just as good. Next ima start working on a gumbo recipe.

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Jazz Fest 2012

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Homemade Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

Growing up in New Orleans spoiled me for many things, but none more than for a great cup of iced coffee. During summer months it is absolutely impossible to drink anything else. There is nothing better than grabbing a medium iced from PJ’s, having a smoke, and submitting to the angry heat of the southern […]

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Fuji X-Pro1 & Pocket Wizards

Figured I’d share the method I use for triggering off-camera flash with my X-Pro1. It was a pain to set up. The trick is getting the triggers in Basic Trigger Mode. Here is the process for the MiniTT1/FlexTT5 (Canon). On you computer via PocketWizard Utility: MiniTT1 > Misc > Deselect “ForceTTL Master Mode” > Select “Basic Trigger Mode” […]

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Fuji X-Pro1 Review

I’ve had my X-Pro1, along with the XF 35mm & 18mm lenses, for a little over a week now. I’ve taken it though the preliminary testing through a full day’s pro shoot (more on that later)… So let’s just get this out of the way: THIS THING ROCKS. In order to afford this puppy, I […]

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Fuji X-Pro1: First 24 Hours

Finally got my new cam… So pumped! It’s a really great camera. So satisfying to use, and just “gets outta the way”, letting you do your thing. Not even gonna talk about the good and the bad. Leave it to the Queen. Here are some shots from a couple hours of shooting before, after and […]

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Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Magazine Spread

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One of New Orleans’ best restaurants sits inconspicuously on Oak St. Just look for the painted truck…

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Wake up. Find jersey. Get booze. Who Dat?

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Taceaux Loceaux

A great spot to grab some tacos in NOLA. You can generally catch this food truck uptown across from Whole Foods on Magazine St.

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2

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With a Little Help from my Friend

So, this past weekend while I was in Maine, where I lived as a child, I went rooting through my grandmother’s storage. What I happened to find was my first computer: a Macintosh Plus, which in 1986 cost a mere $2599 and had 1MB of memory (expandable to 4MB). The Mac Plus was an “affordable” […]

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