Homemade Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

Growing up in New Orleans spoiled me for many things, but none more than for a great cup of iced coffee. During summer months it is absolutely impossible to drink anything else. There is nothing better than grabbing a medium iced from PJ’s, having a smoke, and submitting to the angry heat of the southern sun.

In Boston, admist the cluster of Dunkin and Starbucks, it can be hard to find a quick, cheap cup so I decided to make my own. Back in college,  a couple of friends made their own “cold brew” with a Toddy system, which was damn good but overpriced. I figured that I could do the same thing without buying the $50 kit…

I found some great info online, mainly here, and it’s super easy:

Get a 1lb of coffee you like, ground coarse…

 Mix coffee with 1 gallon filtered room-temp water and wait 8-12 hours…

Get a pitcher and strainer…


After the coffee is chilled, your cold-brew coffee concentrate is done. And you’re ready to make an iced coffee.

Iced Coffee Tych

Careful, this stuff is gooood, but strong! I genereally do a 1:1 water/coffee mix.

Fall Harvest

Break out the sweaters, it’s that time of year again. Summer’s in the rear-view and winter’s around the bend. But before the changing of the seasonal guard comes nature’s milder side. Like Spring, Fall is a transitional season of fleeting beauty. Like most of New England, the trees are preparing for a long, cold winter. As suddenly as the leaves assume their rusty palettes they fall in a swan song of color until Spring.


Giant Pumpkin

With Fall comes harvest. A years worth of energy stored in one crop. Open the larders and stuff the stores, it’s time to stock up for winter. Harvest brings a plethora of of fine produce to the farmer’s markets and groceries around the northeast. There is no better place to experience this than Beth’s Farm Market in Warren, ME.

McIntosh Apples


July 4th Beer Can Chicken

This Fourth of July we made a Beer Can Chicken. I learned this method on the Food Network a few years ago, and it is a fantastic way to cook mouth watering chicken. It is really simple. Just rub chicken with favorite spice rub, plug it up the butt with a 1/2 full beer, and cook on grill with indirect heat for 1 – 1 1/2 hours. Enjoy!

Tipping Etiquette

My friend is always chewing me out about my tipping etiquette. Today we grabbed an iced coffee at a local place and I paid with my credit card. As we leave he asks, “How much did you tip?” Well, I didn’t tip, and didn’t think twice about it. He said he would have tipped $2. I think it is ridiculous to tip for a $3.75 coffee. If I pay cash I usually leave the change, but businesses are getting out of hand with the tip line on credit card purchases. To my relief someone else is not crazy.

When I have a sit-down meal I tip anywhere from 15-20% based on the service (not the food). I tip a bartender a buck or two every time I order a round, not $5 for 5 drinks… As a rule I don’t tip for take-out, as I don’t tip at a drive-thru!. The same friend thinks I am being “cheap”. I think he has his head in the clouds, coincidentally so do the folks at MSNBC.

I do not feel the need to prance around town proving that I’m not cheap. A freelance photographer’s budget does not allow me to tip for my morning joe!