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Welcome back to NOLA!

So, Ciera and I have moved back to NOLA… Here is a 10 minute video we made on our way down. Hope yall enjoy it, tell me what you think.

Hub to NOLA

Shot on Canon 5DMK3 and GoPro Hero HD

Jazz Fest 2012


chair fortress

first crawfish bread

roman candy

first jazzfest

tom petty paint

gettin it done

high five




lucky shot



take a break

nap time


Boston’s Newest Photographer

It’s been a long, eventful summer. After the Celtics laid an egg in Game 7, I hopped in my ’94 Nissan pickup and headed north. 1800 miles later and after a brief pit stop on Martha’s Vineyard, I pulled into the dirt driveway of our family’s house on Cross Point Rd. The next 5 weeks would be spent living on my pop’s 27 foot sailboat, working on our property for some cash, and a whole lotta nothin much…


During six months of Federal Unemployment, I realized one thing. Being broke sucks. So I did what any red-blooded 25-year-old would do, got drunk… No seriously, I started thinking of greener grass, the other side, and all that nonsense. I began to think about moving back East, and soon had decided that Boston was the answer. So I popped open the Mactop and got to looking for work in BOS. In a stroke of luck I hit on a listing that seemed perfect, inquired, and had an interview within 24 hours.


After the interview (and another pit stop to the Vineyard) my girl and I packed up the truck and headed back to NOLA. A few days later, all I could do was think about moving. Mentally I was already living in Boston.

Winter Harbor, ME

A week later the phone rang. I got the job! I could hardly believe the words as I told pop and my boys. In two weeks I would be living in Boston working a steady job. I didn’t waste any time. Three days later the truck was packed (for the 3rd time this summer), the tank was full, and I was gone…

Roadtrip TriptychOnce in New England I stopped to see the folks, but within the week I moved into a sublet in Jamaica Plain. I took a few days to learn my route on the Orange line and find the nearest liquor store (“packy” up here). After getting settled (and another trip to the island), I started work at Simply Interactive Inc on Newbury St.

I’ve been here a month now, and I’m loving every minute of it. I miss my southern city and all my friends, but its only bye for now… The girlie is movin up in 2 months!


Whatch out yall, Boston’s got a new photographer!