Fuji X-Pro1: First 24 Hours

Finally got my new cam… So pumped! It’s a really great camera. So satisfying to use, and just “gets outta the way”, letting you do your thing.

Not even gonna talk about the good and the bad. Leave it to the Queen. Here are some shots from a couple hours of shooting before, after and a few during work today….



city feed

four car garage

new car smell

makin' groceries

cuttin in up

Fuji Finepix X100: First Week Review

Dance it Out

Well its been months of waiting, but last week I finally received my Fuji X100.

John Hancock Tower


A fine camera that has a few quirks and glitches (Menu button size, slow auto focus, RAW button programming, film modes switched, startup/write times, battery life, raw flash being stuck in red-eye mode) that you can find well documented across the internet. Hopefully all will be addressed by firmware updates, but for the most part these are vastly overshadowed by the amazing useability of this camera.


After a week plus of shooting I can say this, the only HUGE problem is that it freezes A LOT requiring you to pull the battery. This is a big problem because it causes missed shots or running the battery down by turning off Power Save Mode. My only other issue is that the camera “forgets” certain things (macro mode, focus point size, nd) after power save. Oh, the provided strap SUCKS!


But like I said, the positives far out way the negatives. The build quality is far better than my old D-LUX4, and feels much better than the GF2 (a well-built plastic body). The ISO performance is spectacular. The flash packs the perfect punch. The OVF and EVF are both awesome in their own ways. Video mode is great (could use aperture and manual focus while rolling).

Money Tree

I can’t wait to see what Fuji gives us via firmware (soon please!).


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