With a Little Help from my Friend

Mac Garage Ressurection

So, this past weekend while I was in Maine, where I lived as a child, I went rooting through my grandmother’s storage. What I happened to find was my first computer: a Macintosh Plus, which in 1986 cost a mere $2599 and had 1MB of memory (expandable to 4MB). The Mac Plus was an “affordable” all-in-one personal computer that needed only power, its included keyboard and mouse (a la the iMac). It was a revolution in personal computers. So I decided to get it runnin…

After I found all the parts, untangled the endless phone cord style mouse and keyboard, found an outlet and plugged her in, I flipped the switch. Sure enough the damn thing made its start up sound (not the new chime that everyone has come to know so well, but the crude “beeeeep” of old.

Alas, there was no picture… So I said, “Oh well, she’s been stored for 14 years in an unheated garage. This things a fossil”.

After getting stubborn, I gave her a whack, which seems to fix everything, and boom the screen flickered. Laid her down and but some pressure on it and sure enough, I got the monitor to stay on.

Pops tells me to let her sit for a bit, so after a smoke I come back and try again. This time I set her upright and flipped the switch. BOOM! There it was, the good ole “sad mac face”. So I found my System 6 disk and tried again. After 3 or 4 attempts I finally got the thing to boot to the System 6 desktop.

After all that, one mouse click would cause the old “system bomb”… But hell, I call that a successful resurrection.

Thanks, Steve!

Fall Harvest

Break out the sweaters, it’s that time of year again. Summer’s in the rear-view and winter’s around the bend. But before the changing of the seasonal guard comes nature’s milder side. Like Spring, Fall is a transitional season of fleeting beauty. Like most of New England, the trees are preparing for a long, cold winter. As suddenly as the leaves assume their rusty palettes they fall in a swan song of color until Spring.


Giant Pumpkin

With Fall comes harvest. A years worth of energy stored in one crop. Open the larders and stuff the stores, it’s time to stock up for winter. Harvest brings a plethora of of fine produce to the farmer’s markets and groceries around the northeast. There is no better place to experience this than Beth’s Farm Market in Warren, ME.

McIntosh Apples