Saints Superbowl: We Did Dat!

Everywhere in the country the work week started as usual, “With a case of the Mondays.” NOT IN NEW ORLEANS… With our voices all but gone and our Who Dat!? feelin pretty good, we started our week today.

Sunday, for the first time in franchise history,  the New Orleans Saints won Superbowl XLIV.

I must say WON because it isn’t like Indy really had a chance after the “gutsiest call in NFL history.” Oh yeah, I mean that onside kick to begin the second half denying Peyton Manning a chance to touch the football. Porter’s interception was the icing, the proof Manning really CAN’T win the big one. I have given Sean Payton A LOT of guff this season and in past seasons, but Sunday was a coming out party and Sean Payton proved who he is. Like Belichick, Payton has shown he will live and die on one call: a gut feeling… Kiss that trophy!

Monday began like a bad dream, with everyone running to ESPN to make sure it really happened. The Saints actually DID win Superbowl XLIV. Then we basked in our DVRs, skipped the sub-par commercials, and re-watched the glorious game.

Tuesday was the parade. Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Katrina evacuation, nothing has ever had this city “on the same page” as it was that night. The Bless You Boys were back, Ray Nagin was host at Gallier Hall, and everyone got a chance to share in the victory.

Yesterday was a day of rest and today its back to basics. My vocal chords and my alarm clock are both against me today. It doesn’t matter.

Who Dat…Who Dat…Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints? Thought so…

Suck it, Bengals Fans, we OWN it now, the NFL gave it to us!