Shooting Machine: Behind the Scenes

A while back I got a chance to stop by the shop at Shooting Machine. I was able get an up close and personal look at the new “Knuckle Bunny Cine Grip” camera handle before they flew it out to NAB in Vegas (where it debuted at the Sony booth on the new FS700).

The Knuckle Bunny Cine Grip by Shooting Machine, handmade from walnut.

For Sony FS100 and FS700 with Start/Stop REC trigger and  4-Way Controller (for Display options and Expanded Focus control).

The evolution of the Knuckle Bunny. Clay and wood prototype handles. It came a long way over the past few months.

They had already done the wood working by the time I got there (damn),but I got to see most of the assembly and some finishing touches.

Positioning the plate.

Fine tuning the cord length.

Marking out exactly where the plate will fasten.

Mike mounting the plate. No assembly line machine drilling here. All handmade, the old-fashioned way.

I did happen to catch lot of the final electronics work. Soldering the controllers.

Terminating the LEMO socket.

Caleb fine tuning the final firmware with the development team.

"Ciera Holzenthal" "Caleb White"

Content for designer team on a shop napkin. No funny business here.

"Ciera Holzenthal" "Graphic Designer"

Ciera finishing the brochures for NAB.

Done and ready for NAB, the Knuckle Bunny, cheese plate, and Shot Grip get tucked away in a Pelican case.

Shooting Machine makes a bunch of other “smart camera tools” (as they call ’em), from 8mm rods to 1/4″ 20 clamps.

And it’s not only accessories for the FS100/700, they are constantly fitting more and more cameras (ARRI Alexa, Canon C300/C500, Sony F3) everyday.

Paul and Caleb fitting the Canon C300 for a new product…. Stay tuned to their website for more info